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“Our principal objective: to provide our Clients with the information required for correct decision-making”

- Business & Corporate Intelligence
- Unfair Competition
- Monitoring of Sales Network
- Tracking of Merchandise
- Pilfering, Theft, Sabotage…
- Mystery Shopper
- Computer Forensics
- Market Studies
- Threats to Managers and/or Employees
- CV Verification
- Financial Report

- Patents and Trademarks
- Quality Control of Services
- Industrial Counterespionage
- Absenteeism from Work in Leave Procedures
- Internal Investigations (Infiltrators)
- Occupational Behaviour
- Certificates of Honesty
- Dedication to Trade Union Time
- Monitoring of Senior Management
- Duplicity of Competitive Representations
- Channelling of Sales to Joint Ventures


“Investigations aimed at the resolution of family and personal conflicts which may lead to Civil or Criminal type procedures”

- Dubious Conduct
- Sects
- Addictions
- Infidelities
- Modification of Custody
- Socio-Economic Reports for Pension Claims
- Pre-Matrimonial Reports

- Locating People
- Inheritance
- Bullying at School and/or in the Workplace
- Monitoring of School Attendance
- Environment for Minors
- Threats
- Abuse and Verification of Restraining Orders


“Advice and the obtaining of evidence as a basic tool we provide to the Legal sector”

- Due Diligence
- Prejudicial Reports
- Financial Offences
- Criminal Bankruptcy
- Sales Reports
- Investigation of Witnesses and Evidence
- Locating People and Assets
- Urban Lettings
- Evidence for Dismissals/Evictions

- Compliance with Legislation in Leisure Complexes
- Environmental Offences
- Misleading Advertising
- Investigation of Defendants
- Fraud in Company Successions
- Criminalistics
- Investigation surrounding the Offence


“Investigation surrounding the causes and consequence of any Accident, thereby avoiding Fraud”

- CIDE / ASCIDE Investigations
- Verification of the Injured and Rehabilitation Procedures
- Antecedents prior to the Accident
- Location and Evaluation of Witnesses
- Diverse: Thefts, Fires, Floods, Death…
- Civil Liability

- Locating Stolen Goods
- Monitoring Degrees of Disability in AT.
- Verification of I.T. Procedures
- Accidents In Itinere
- Monitoring of Medical Treatment


“Defence of Rights of a Personal and/or Patrimonial nature attributed to the Author and to Third Parties for the exploitation of Works of a Literary, Artistic or Scientific nature, expressed in any medium”


- Textile products: labelling and brands
- Credit Cards and Cash
- Musical and/or image and sound products
- Watches/Clocks
- Toys and their wrappings
- Industrial and designer products
- Works of Art

- Document examination
- Electronic signature and IT security
- Investigation of computerised documents
- Advice applied to Intellectual and Industrial Property
- Study and implementation of Security Measures
- Location and Investigation of points of sale and
  distribution for falsified products

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